About Quinnix 

Here at Quinnix , we provide one of the safest online trading platforms to our clients and partners. We believe in developing a sustainable workforce through our years-long experience, in-depth knowledge of the financial market and the association of our trusted partners. We have set an example of responsible trading that has made us a reliable platform for services like currency trading, equity indices, energies, precious metals and CFDs.

We follow a simple and client-friendly operational philosophy that does not only satisfy our clients and partners but also helps us to earn their loyalty. We use latest technologies along our in-depth knowledge of trading to serve our clients with the accordance of their needs. We do not follow or practice customs that can harm our client’s expectations from us.

Easy start

It’s easy and fast to start Forex trading with Quinnix. The registration process is smooth, and the low initial deposit lets anyone become a fully-fledged market participant.

One click trading

The service “One click trading” available to Quinnix clients within the terminals MetaTrader4 makes execution of trades as simple as possible.

Affiliate program

The affiliate programs of Quinnix make it possible to earn money without trading in the Forex market.

Actual Forex analysis

Trading in the Forex market is hardly possible without competent forecasts and situation analysis.

Data Safety

Quinnix assures its clients of the personal information safety as well as of the safety when conducting non-trading operations.

Our Services

  • 1. Trustworthy Broker

    Quinnix has proved to be a trustworthy broker which is always ready to confirm its leadership.

  • 2. A type of trading account

    The client of Quinnix are offered the following types of trading account : Classic, Pro, VIP, and Cent

  • 3. The most popular trading platforms

    The Quinnix provides its clients with MetaTrader 4, the most stable and called-for trading platform popular with traders from all over the world

  • 4. Promotions

    The Quinnix Company offers a constantly updated line of promotion programs to improve the clients’ trading experience. Follow the company news and updates in the “Promotions” section.

  • 5. Fast Deposit & Withdrawals within 24 hours

    Quinnix processes automatically withdrawal requests which speeds up the process of funds withdrawals and reduces waiting times for all clients.

  • 6. Online Support 24/7

    Easily to contact our Quinnix experts and receive professional advice on any question or issue in any time.