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About Quinnix Group

Leading Innovator in CFD Trading

Quinnix Group, a distinguished name in the world of CFD trading, is renowned for its innovative approach and expansive growth in the global currency markets. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a sophisticated and reliable trading experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services.

Account Opening

Opening a live trading account with Quinnix Group is a streamlined and efficient process, enabling clients to start their trading journey within minutes.

Deposit and Bonus Offers

Quinnix Group offers a diverse range of deposit methods to accommodate our clients' preferences.

Why Choose Quinnix Group

Global Market Access

Our clients enjoy access to the most liquid markets around the world..

Round-the-Clock Market Access

We guarantee 24-hour instant and stable execution of trades.

Unmatched Trading Stability

Our platform ensures no price slippage, no requotes, and no rejections, providing a seamless trading experience.

Trading Platform
Software Download

Trade CFDs on your favourite trading instruments using the Trading Platform. A powerful platform for currency pairs and other financial instruments CFD trading, the Trading Platform is free to download on Quinnix Group.



Account Types

Quinnix Group offers a variety of account types to cater to diverse
trading preferences:


Standard Account

Ideal for new traders, offering trading with smaller lot sizes.


Pro Account

Suited for professional traders who prefer direct market access with low spreads.


Classic Account

Designed for general traders seeking a balanced trading environment.


Cent Account

Tailored for high-volume traders, offering premium features and services.